We are casting all ethnic types for a music video “ Hennessy & Weed” Filming will be in chicago land areas July/August. We need urban male and female character types, ages from 16 to 40. Smoke weed is a +  . The song is divided into three verses and each verse has a different storyline with the female verse however, we wanted to add a little more to the story and we aim to show a purge scene that embodies someone with PPD (paranoid personality disorder) Scene would include Group of purge people trying to recruit artist. People need to be able to portray character traits such as 

  • Failure to obey laws and norms, warranting criminal arrest 
  • Lying, deception, & manipulation for amusement or profit 
  • Impulsive behavior 
  • Irritability and aggression, including assaulting others 
  • Blatant disregard for the safety of self and others 
  • Pattern of irresponsibility 
  • Lack of remorse 
  • Being flirtatious or seductive 
  • Wanting to be the center of attention 
  • Provocative clothes (for women: low-cut tops, short skirts) 
  • Shallow, impressionistic speech 
  • Dramatic and excessively emotional personal presentation 
  • Production Type: Music Video 

Role Types: 

Supporting Lead 



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