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  1. Gibberish


Verse 1 (Layna)

I don't see nobody stopping me

all of these haters they copy me

Hibity bibbity bobbity

wishing they wanna be

Bitch i'm a queen and that's quality

Remember me, like i'm 42 wallaby wayyy

you talking okayy

fuck out my faceee

Why is you snitching with grace?

That is the reason i’ll catch me a case

Not wells the reason i’ll laugh in yo face

Laynas so crazy that bitch she don't play

Mumbling mumbling fuck is you saying?

Talking and talking and talking, you snitch

Talking and talking and
talking ,you bitch

talking and talking a lot

Bitch i forgot

who is you now?
(gibberish mumbling)
who are you what do you want

Hook (Bugatti Johnson)

I count money up like everyday

So much money I feel like a bank

All this dirty money, this shit stank

All my haters speak that gibberish

Verse 2 (Bugatti Johnson)

Broke bitch broke bitch baby

I aint seen a broke bitch lately

Tax season stuntin with taxes

Run da money up, some relaxin

King gatti, chiraq da palace

Gone of a acid, shit backwards

Seen wonderland , seen alice

Hit it 21 , i'm a savage

Big gulp, lean in my cup

Mention me hit his team up

In a bugatti fuck a beamer

Put ha ass in new selena

If yo bitch look ima take ha

Yeah ima fuck I wont date ha

Smooth nigga I be chasing paper

Can't lie i'm greedy with my haters